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Understand in English what was Greek to you before!
Software App

The digital Discovery Bible is a software application that runs on Windows XP and later (including Vista) and Mac OS X 10.4 (Tiger and later) - not yet available for iPad or iPhone.
A complete study tool

The digital Discovery Bible is a complete reference collection for studying the Bible in-depth, word-by-word.
New insights

Readers gain "beyond translation insights" as they observe The digital Discovery Bible markings while reading along.

A comprehensive study solution

The Discovery Bible offers the following compelling features:

Golden concept words: Hand-picked, theologically significant terms in the Bible have extensive explanations of their Greek origins in the HELPS word-studies. Study the Greek (and later Hebrew) through the English text by clicking on English words and learning nuances of the sacred originals.

Emphasis: Discover what was emphasized in the original, inspired writings.

Verb tenses: Discover nuances of meaning, often not possible to translate by seeing -- on the English text -- symbols which convey new insights into the underlying Greek (and later Hebrew)

Concordances: Both versions (NASB, KJV) of the Englishman’s Greek Concordance are included.

Interlinears: The Discovery Bible Interlinear NT with a fresh root-based gloss (English translation) also has the HELPS markings embedded in the text for interactive study. The Greek text automatically switches from the Westcott-Hort (Critical text) for the NAS Discovery Bible to the Textus Receptus for the KJV Discovery Bible.

Topical Bible: Over 2,000 subjects (like fear, sanctification, marriage, etc.) link to Strong’s numbers and the HELPS word-studies.

Smart search: Enter a Greek (and later Hebrew) word to find where this term is discussed.

Strong's number search: Look up "Golden Concept Words" by Strong's numbers.